NMRHS Students - REGISTER TODAY TO EARN YOUR POINT FOR 2017-18:   http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080b44aaab2ca1f94-earn

To earn your point for this year, you can sell 10 raffle tickets for a chance to win a 4-pack of tickets to see Kenny Chesney at Gillette Stadium in August.  Follow the link above for information and details.   THANK YOU for your participation to help raise funds for the NMRS Scholarship Foundation!

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Welcome to the NMRS Scholarship Foundation website.

For over 50 years the Foundation has awarded thousands of dollars to seniors graduating from North Middlesex Regional High School to help further their education at technical or vocational schools, two-year colleges, or four-year colleges or universities.

Students going on to pursue higher education immediately following high school at either a school, college, or university are eligible. Please note that the Foundation considers financial need only if indicated. We are looking for well-rounded students who balance their academics, school activities, as well as work and/or volunteer in and around their communities.


Our next general meeting is Monday, Feb. 5, 2018 at 7: 00 PM in the Cafe Annex at the high school. Save the date for March Meeting: Mar 7 at 7pm
New members always welcome to help carry on the work of this extraordinary organization.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDD:  We are also looking for folks who are interested in being part of the spring Selection Committee. Parents of Seniors may be part of the Board and regular Committee but they cannot participate in the Selection Committee.


The next opportunity for students to earn their point is live now!  We are raffling off 4 concert tickets to see Kenny Chesney at Gillette Stadium, August 25.  Fr a student to earn their point, they must sell 10 raffle tickets for the Spring Fundraiser event.  Each raffle change is ten dollars ($10.00) per chance. Over a $600.00 value. Raffle tickets are available from participating NMRHS students and the Foundation.  We are using Sign-Up Genius for students to secure their 10 tickets to sell:  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080B44AAAB2CA1F94-earn

Drawing will take place on March 7, 2018

For more information, contact Sue Boswell at msbswll@charter.net or 978-835-0133.


Student Fundraising
We ended door-to-door solicitations a couple of years ago. Instead, we hold events such as Canning Days and raffles throughout the year.  To help support the Foundation, we encourage students to volunteer 2 hours each year, starting with their Freshmen year.  For every year they help, they receive a point towards a scholarship during their Senior year.

We offer a variety of ways to volunteer including writing Thank You notes, creating posters/signs, helping with social media, selling raffle tickets, helping with student sign-ups for Canning Days and participating in Canning Days and other events.


Thank you for the difference you make! - In 2017, we awarded over $60,000 in scholarships to NM grades and 2016, we awarded $63,000 in scholarships to NM grads.

Donations in any amount are welcome at anytime. Donors may want to refer to the Tiered Options for Donors, outlined below.

Donate using the PayPal button, or mail to:

NMRS Scholarship Foundation
P.O. Box 715
Townsend, MA 01469

TO DONATE TO A SPECIFIC MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP:  Indicate on the check if the funds are to be designated for existing Memorial Scholarship, or "Add special instructions to recipient" on the PayPal or credit card websites.  


About Us

Our Background

Founded in 1964, the Foundation is a tax-exempt, 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. The Foundation activities are managed by volunteers, and membership is open to all adult residents of the towns comprising the North Middlesex Regional School District (NMRSD) (Ashby, Townsend and Pepperell, MA), and to NMRSD personnel. It is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of four officers and one to three general members, elected by the membership.

Officers of Board:

Sue Boswell, Co-President
Kirsty Benson, Co-President
Jenn Creighton, Secretary
Lisa Spagnolo, Treasurer
Board Members

For more information on how to join or support our efforts, email us at scholarship@nmrsd.org.

How Funds Are Generated

The Foundation raises funds through generous donations from local businesses, corporations, civic organizations, community groups, memorial gifts, and also through various fundraising vehicles such as Canning Day and raffles (for major sporting or concert events). Students help to raise funds by participating and ALL STUDENTS, Freshmen through Seniors, are encouraged to volunteer. Fundraising initiatives are held throughout the year, offering students a options for participation.  The greater the level of participation, the more scholarships we are able to award to our graduating Seniors.

The NMRS Scholarship Foundation is expanding the ways in which students can earn volunteer/participation points throughout the year. Participation points are a part of how scholarships are decided. Students earn a point per year. By senior year, the student's points are tallied/weighed as part of the rubric used by the Scholarship Selection Committee, reflecting the number and types of ways the student volunteered for the NMRS Scholarship Foundation during his/her years at NM.


In August 2013 the NMRS Scholarship Foundation placed several Memorial Scholarship funds, which are a subset of the total funds, with the Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts (CFNCM), with the intention of preserving and augmenting the principal of those funds.



Application Process


Recipients must be graduating seniors from North Middlesex Regional High School.

Awards are based on academic achievement, community and school involvement, financial need and participation in the annual Scholarship Fundraising Efforts/Points.

Students who have never volunteered for The NMRS Scholarship Foundation will not earm points on the selection rubric and may earn a lesser scholarship, depending on the amount of scholarship funds available. A student is eligible for more funds based on the number of years he or she volunteers with The Foundation through fundraising efforts or approved support functions for the NMRS Scholarship Committee in addition to other determining criteria. We ask that students volunteer only 2 hours each year to earn volunteer/paricipation points.


Attention NMRHS Seniors - Scholarship Foundation Applications Due TBD 2018

NMRS Scholarship Foundation applications need to be turned in to Guidance by the end of the day on TBD. This deadline is firm, no exceptions. If you did not pick up an application, you may also print one by clicking on the Application Process tab to the left. Filling it out is quick and easy. Don't miss out on an opportunity to earn money for the next chapter in your education.  Student must be starting their continued education in the academic year immediately following high school (school, college, or university). All high school seniors are encouraged to apply! Please note: applications will not be accepted after posted deadline.
2018 Application PENDING

Selection Process

In May, a Selection Committee consisting of Foundation members (excluding those with a graduating senior) and at least one NMRHS administrator, reviews the applications to determine awards. Applications are presented anonymously (the guidance office removes names and issues numbers to the applications) to ensure that unbiased decisions are made.


SELECTION COMMITTEE VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!  This year's board has 3 parents with Seniors.  These parent volunteers cannot be on the review board during the year their child is graduatings.

Announcement and Distribution of Awards

In mid-May, students and parents/ guardians are notified by letter that the student will be receiving a scholarship at Senior Awards Night. The date of the awards night in May is set by the school administration. Students are given a letter announcing the name of scholarship and the award amount at Senior Awards Night.

Students are strongly encouraged to acknowledge receipt of the scholarship by writing a thank you note to the scholarship’s donor.

Awards are distributed in mid to late summer after the student submits to the Foundation a tuition bill on the college’s letterhead that includes the student’s name and intended date of matriculation.

A copy of the tuition bill must be mailed to the Foundation:

NMRS Scholarship Foundation
PO Box 715
Townsend, MA 01469




How to Participate

Each NMRHS student has the opportunity to earn their point by participating in a Scholarship Foundation event or fundraiser:

2017-2018 "earn your point" Opportunities":

  • Canning Day – minimum 2 hours
  • Raffle Ticket Sales – minimum 10 tickets sold

Previous academic year "earn your point" Opportunities:

  • Social Media – minimum 2 hours equivalence
  • Thank you Cards – set number of handwritten cards
  • Creating Posters – set number of posters for events
  • Helping with Student Sign-Ups during NMRHS Lunches
  • School Open House/Program of Study Night – 2 hours time

The NMRS Scholarship Foundation is exploring the ways in which students can earn volunteer/participation points throughout the year. By senior year, the student's points are tallied/weighed as part of the rubric used by the Scholarship Selection Committee, reflecting the number and types of ways the student volunteered for the NMRS Scholarship Foundation during his/her years at NM. Please contact the Foundation if you would like to learn about other ways to earn participation points towards NMRS Foundation Fundraising efforts.





Application Schedule/ Deadlines:

For more information, see Application Process

Applications are available now.

Dates coming soon! 

There are No Exceptions for late applications. 

Foundation Committee Meetings:

Our next general meeting is Wednesday, January 3, 2018 at 7: 00 PM in the Cafe Annex at the high school. Hope to see you there!

Upcoming Meetings:  Monday, February 5, 2018; Wednesday, March 7, 2018; Wednesday, April 4, 2018  7:00pm - Cafe Annex at NMRHS


Contact Us

Please complete form below, or send an email to scholarship@nmrsd.org.

P O BOX 715
Townsend, MA 01469


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